Your Guests Will Thank You For Practical Wedding Favors

For a tinge of unconventionality, some couples opt for something different as their wedding favor. Instead of the predictable photo album or frame, candle or napkin, they choose to have coasters. Being what they are, coasters are suitable as wedding favors as they can be constant reminders to guests of the bride and groom's special day. Placed on the table either as pieces of decoration or beer mats, coasters are perfect as branding tools for a product or event.

Coaster wedding favors help remind the guests of the wedding and even better, of the bride and groom. They are also functional, which means, your guests will be able to use them in their own homes and offices after the party is over. And if they are designed prettily enough, your guests will display them around for quite a while after your wedding day.

These keepsakes are not as straightforward as you would think. Today, wedding coasters can be simple drink mats to lay your drink upon or items that can magically morph into place card holders or photo frames. The choice is yours!

Simple coaster wedding table gifts are the uncomplicated ones where wedding pictures of the bridal couple are laminated on them with some wedding details like names, date and venue. These can be made of hard board, thick plastic, paper fiber, cork, ceramic or glass (usually frosted). They can even be completely transparent. Photos of the bride and groom can be easily laminated on the made made of board, plastic or paper. For the ones made of ceramic or glass, however, usually the photo is placed between the ceramic or glass with a layer of thin hard plastic on the top to protect it.

The less straightforward ones will have detachable photo compartments between the actual coaster and the layer of plastic on it. This means the photo is replaceable with any other, which may be more useful to your guests.

They can always keep your wedding picture in their album and use your wedding coasters to hold their own precious memories while being reminded of your wedding on a regular basis. These also become useful place card holders, which hold more than just pictures. If designed appropriately, such presents may just be displayed in a boutique or board room of one of your guests, and in place of a photo, you will find an impressive business card.

Coasters as tokens of appreciation at your wedding reception are not boring gift items. Gone are the days when coasters were just pieces of hard boards lying around on the table all stained and smeared with what you hope is beverage. At first glance, they may look like photo frames and it is only on a second look that you will realize that they are in fact, coasters.

Wedding coasters are also perfect for themed, seasonal or location-sensitive weddings. The tropical theme wedding, for example, can have coasters with pictures of palm trees, sand dunes or tropical fruits while weddings on the beach can have coaster favors that depict sailboats, sea shells and sandcastles. Fall weddings can have maple leaves or bare trees as their main design while those in winter can have snowflakes and snow-capped trees on their heads.

It may seem that wedding coasters these days no longer function just as a mat for your drinks. Some coasters are even matched up with candle holders, with prop handles behind so they can be propped up as and when necessary.

These items are also easy to present at the reception. With such beautiful designs on them, you will need nothing more than an organza or satin ribbon to tie around your gifts. While giving two coasters per guest is best, one per person is sufficient as well. You have a choice of either putting each one at each seat during the reception or leaving them in a pile at the exit for your guests to pick up on their way out.

As wedding favors, you have your choice of photo or printed coasters. Either way, you can be assured that your little wedding guest table gifts will be much appreciated by your guests long after your party is over.

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