Will This Bride Find Her Dream Dress In The Kleinfeld Stockroom?

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Courtney has no idea what type of dress she wants, but her consultant Antonella is doing her best to help
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  1. Ioanna Tsagari

    Of course she has the right to pick her own wedding dress. Why they make her feel guilty and bad about knowing what’s she wants and have a style . She knows better what she likes than anybody else and by looking she can have all opportunities open to find sth she never thought of . I find the stuff very rude and manipulative and that’s not a good customer service especially in such a store .. it’s supposed to be a sacred unique experience for every bride to be and they made it cheap commerce reality and compromise ..at the end you can see that the girl is almost afraid to say that she doesn’t like the dress . This is illogical !! And good she didn’t liked it it was not flattering at all . Why sales people can see ?

  2. LoveMe,com

    The hardest part of being a bride-to-be is making the best choice for the wedding dress to wear. Nevertheless, she must be more patient when making final decisions. Congratulations to the future bride.

  3. mike12june

    I can see why the consultants don’t usually let them back there..so time consuming and confusing plus I’m sure they have a lot of appointments to keep so it makes sense.

  4. Kristin Wilson

    I don’t understand why the consultants get so uppity about brides browsing for themselves. They’re paying thousands of dollars for ONE DRESS, they have a right to look at their options good lord

  5. judy10001

    This bride was all over the place and the worst behaved. She just wanted to browse dresses and not commit, which would have been fine if she was upfront and honest about it, but instead she was like "I don't know" repeatedly and made the consultant run around in search of something that didn't exist. I get it, Kleinfeld is GORGEOUS, but honesty and consideration for others gets you everything.


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