Why I Didn’t Wear My ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ Dress

Why I didn’t wear the wedding dress I said ‘YES’ to on the show ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ (Ireland) on my wedding day.

Picture of the dress I did wear: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bj03RUQADfO/

(NEW) I Bought My Wedding Dress On Etsy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImKH50Hkyts&t=5s

My experience on Say Yes To The Dress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=km4LsIm_Fd4
Backstage Footage From Say Yes To The Dress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn_Y9aUWq-Q

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  1. Bubby707

    I dont understand why people who don't want traditional wedding dresses, or dont want white dresses go to wedding dress shops. It is just a dress and if you dont want it to LOOK like a wedding gown and be white, then you . are better off going to just a dress shop/boutique that sells nice dresses but not SPECIFICALLY wedding dresses. On say yes to the dress you will see brides go in and ask for like a red dress or a black dress, and if that what you want to wear that fine, but you are going to a place that has like MAYBE 3 dresses in the color you want and that isnt even considering if they are in your PRICE range. Its kind of like wanting to go to a Mexican restaurant to get Chinese food, you are only upsetting yourself because you are in the wrong place to get what you want. These brides will not want their wedding dress to look like a "wedding dress" or be the color of a "wedding dress" and then still want to go "wedding" dress shopping at a WEDDING dress store, and are upset when they dont find what they are looking for. I don't know if its still the wanting of the label "wedding dress" or what but it seems kind of pointless, if you want a red dress or blue dress or whatever then go to a place that has options for you, not the place that specializes in the OPPOSITE of what you want.

  2. Blythe Vrindavana

    I didn’t want a white dress either. I got a dress for about $160. It wasn’t actually a dress. It was a topi skirt, and Indian skirt and crop top. It was rust red and plum purple and sandy gold. I got married in Sedona, AZ, outside, and my dress reflected the colors of the red rocks beautifully. It was magical.

  3. Steffanie Smith

    I dont feel so weird now. Im dress shopping and i dont like white dressed either! I bought a rose gold dress ! And i know most of the people will be like why i didnt wear a white dress !! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Michele Winter

    I thought if you were picked to go on a show like this, you get the dress for free "within reason of price". IDK just seems like a lot of trouble and you don't get anything in return except people seeing your dress before you're married, including the groom to be. Wedding dresses are just too expensive! I was married on a very small budget in 1984 and must have went to a dozen stores before finding my dress. Most of the dresses I tried on were prom dresses because of my budget. Finally the last store which was a small shop I found a white floor length dress, it was exactly what I wanted. Plus the price was……..WAIT FOR IT………. $42 😂😂😂 I still have the receipts.
    I really wish we could post photos here because I'd love for everyone to see this dress. It looked like a simple wedding dress with lace and fake Pearl buttons. It was as if it was hanging in there just for me because it also fit me perfect. Before finding that dress I was giving up because I did not want to get married in a prom dress. I wanted something that was all white with lace and that is exactly what I got. I know that it was not made out of real silk or real handmade lace but it served its purpose for the one day that I had to wear it. Spending thousands upon thousands of dollars for a dress that is only worn once in my opinion is dumb as hell! Take that money and put a down payment on a house or go on the best honeymoon ever.

  5. Linda-Ann SA

    My youngest daughter wants her favourite colour included in her dress. Found a dress she loves. White with a purple panel running down the train, and me being a seamstress, I am making it myself as I have done for other family members and friends.

  6. Aaron Cyro

    I've recently gotten engaged and started I guess window shopping for dresses. I've been sewing for my entire life so I know with certainty that I can make a dress cheaper than buying it, but I don't know fully what I'd like to wear. I don't want white either, something dark or unusual is more what I would love, my fiance on the other hand wants a more traditional style but in a pastel pallette. I know it's tradition to not see the bride's dress before the wedding, but seeing as I'm baking both our dresses, it can't be helped. I always love to find people who don't go with the modern tradition if white dresses and hear their stories. Thanks for sharing yours!

  7. TARDIS Tales

    I was lucky to have a good shopping experience. I went to a boutique that had the dresses organised by price (this rack under $500, this rack under 1000 etc) and they asked your budget at the start and didn't show you anything over that price. I ended up with a blush pink dress that was on clearance for half price, best experience ever. The veil was a little pricier because I had to get one custom dyed to match the dress, but the ladies were lovely and practical. I wish more bridal boutiques were like that.

  8. thefluffymarshmallo

    I feel ya on the wedding dress shopping. The first dress I put on in the first shop cost $10,000… wayyyy out of my price range (they also pressured me pretty hard) I slept on it, came back a week later and tried on the dress I ended up picking… Only $400 straight off the rack (on clearance, too).

    I didn't think shopping for a wedding dress was the fantasy that most people make it out to be. It's really not that fun…


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