What I Like in a Ruby Wedding Ring

There are a lot of things to like in a ruby ​​wedding ring. What I like most is the pure red color. It is very different from traditional wedding rings with a diamond center stone that is round and oh so common. If this gemstone is also your birthstone its like getting two for the price of one when you get a ruby ​​engagement ring or a wedding band. Nice clean oval rubies that are under a carat are the nicest and most cost-effective. Usually if I try to find something larger than that which is clean and nicely red colored then it is quite pricey. I like a clean stone because it plays with the light and you see the beauty of the almost red rose color of this gemstone.

The only type of bigger stone I would get is a star ruby. They can get fairly large but they are opaque gems and you are mainly buying them for the beautiful star formed by all the silk inclusions. The star is called an asterism and is caused by the silk in the gem reflecting the light in a certain way. But sometimes star rubies are not that great as a wedding ring when they are too round in shape and can look ungainly in terms of shape appealing.

The transparent rubies that are faceed nicely into an oval or cushion shape are best for using as a center stone. I like trillion diamonds on the sides and because the ruby ​​itself is under a carat or slightly over I can get away with diamond trilliant side stones that are under 20 points each but with nice sparkle and that are well matched for a good price. If I decide that I do not want to use this ring at some point in time I can always use the matching trillions and turn them into diamond studs. The ruby ​​I can always mount in a pendant if my marriage goes sour.

Emerald cut rubies make great center stones, but with emerald cuts its better if the material is really clean to take advantage of the huge light flashes and reflections generated by a step cut like the octagon cut or an ascher cut. Still, the shape appeal of an octagon cut in an engagement ring also goes well with the matching diamond trillions on the sides.

My most favorite shape is the cushion cut which is a little bulky and is sheer to being cut native style with a bulging belly taking it over my 1 carat sweet spot. The shape appeal of a cushion cut is nice so I will for a bit of clarity to get a nice 2 carat ruby ​​center stone and use the same matching diamond trillions on the sides. I could also go with matching half moon diamond cuts but I find that the pointy trillions emphasize the soft contours of a cushion cut center stone better. Ruby wedding rings are a great alternative to traditional diamond bridal jewelry and are much less expensive as well.

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