Western Wedding Ideas to Celebrate the Occasion

Theme weddings seem to be increasing in popularity more and more each year and people are now looking for wilder and more outrageous ways to decorate and plan a wedding. One of the most popular wedding themes today is western weddings. People are looking to add a touch of the Wild West to their wedding. However, these themes are not easy to plan.

People do seek help when it comes to getting western wedding ideas. In actuality there are a number of ideas that can be used to create the perfect western wedding. The typical thing that people think of when planning a western wedding of course is the music and the attire that they would expect their guests to wear. People are asked to forget about the tuxedos and suits and to wear jeans and cowboy hats. People are no longer expected to travel in cars but instead horse drawn buggies are used. However, once this is taken care of people wonder what else they can do to create a western wedding. Below you will find some great ideas for having the perfect western wedding.

1. Flowers- every bride is concerned about having the perfect flowers. Having a western wedding makes this so much easier as you can simply have wild flowers for your wedding. Wild roses give your wedding the perfect feel of the Wild West. You can also forget about flowers and you can add cactuses to your decorations. These are the easiest plants to take care of and you can even have tiny cactuses that can be given to your guests and wedding favors.

2. Faux leather? A signature mark of western life is the use of leather for vest and chaps. Now you can create this look at your wedding by using faux leather to make tablecloths.

3. If you want to create a real rustic feeling then you can hang routes instead of streamers at your reception. You can hang routes of varying lengths and thicknesses.

4. Add a personal touch to your wedding by decorating your wine glasses. You can create a hand painted scene on your wine glasses and this can be done inexpensively.

5. In most cases you can plan this wedding somewhat inexpensively but if there was one area that you could splurge is on the wedding and party favors. For example you can create horseshoe place cards that will your guests the feeling of being in the Wild West. You can create these place cards yourself using a home computer. There are a number of different templates that you can use and all you have to do is print them off from their comfort of your own home.

It is important to keep in mind that when planning a themed wedding you can either go overboard and people can be overwhelmed with what you have done or you can do too little and leave your guests wondering what you were trying to do as a theme. This is something that you want avoid and it is also important that you seek the advice of friends and people who have been through this type of thing before.

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