Wedding Dress from Amazon?!?! | Bride on a Budget

Many will think that getting a wedding dress from Amazon is crazy… but it was one of the best Amazon purchases I’ve ever made! If you’re a bride on a budget, definitely check out this dress I got from Amazon. You will NOT regret it!

Link to the dress I got:

Link to a ball gown version of the dress:

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  1. Katie Delight

    I would have never guessed that was seventy dollars! What an amazing dress and it looks great on you. You do not have to spend much for a nice wedding. I spent a little under three thousand for my small wedding.

  2. brandy branson

    I just ordered the same dress!!!! How beautiful is this for the price right?!?! Amazing! It will be here tomorrow and I'm so excited! SO HAPPY I FOUND THIS VIDEO! I always wonder if the reviews are "real" or just generated ya know, lol??..but this makes me feel so much better!! Thank you! You looked amazing!

  3. Angel Marie

    my fiance is in the Air Force and I found my perfect wedding dress at David's bridal for $1650 but I found the exact same dress on Amazon for $250 but I was scared it wouldn't be something that I could wear on my wedding day

  4. Reily Walker

    Okay so IRONIC but I found this dress on amazon like less than 2 minutes into looking and saw your picture in the review and instantly put it into my cart! Then I came to YouTube just curious if I’d find any others worth looking for and found this video and I think that to me is a sign and this is a dress for me!

  5. Becca L

    I saw your review on Amazon I have to say you look absolutely stunning! Also thanks for making this video I am now 1000000% I want to buy this dress. Thank you!

  6. Mermaid Squad Vlogs

    I saw your picture reviews! You inspired me to order it lol. I bought it but the size I got did not fit 🙁 I'm thinking about maybe getting a different size, but I wasn't fully sold when I tried it on. The quality was amazing for $70 but on me it didn't look as good as I hoped lol.

  7. Caribbean Sunshine

    Great video! I am also thinking of getting my Wedding Dress on Amazon (or E-bay) because I am also on a tight budget and in a long distance relationship I live in England and he is in the caribbean and will be moving to England to join me. So glad I have found someone like you who can relate to getting married on a budget, just shows the dress does not have to be expensive because yours looks beautiful!! Congratulations 👏🏾


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