Twin Sister’s Secret Pregnancy | Say Yes To The Dress US

Marlo has been hiding from her twin sister that she is 4 months pregnant! She is unable to hide it any longer in her brand new wedding dress, so she reveals it to the whole family!
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  1. YouTube Lover

    Her twin was so disrespectful to her.
    Calling her fat all that's mean and wrong and then she got angry at her saying no the wedding is about you not the baby and a bunch of other crap, why can't she be happy for her twin? That's what I wanna know.

  2. DoctorRose26

    I really hope that consultant was dealt with after this episode aired. Making snide comments like, "That's what you get for getting pregnant." is completely uncalled for and unprofessional – even if that line was spoon fed to them by the story producers (which I doubt it was). Your job as a consultant is to help the bride find the dress of their dreams for their special day, not be a nasty judgemental two-faced bitch.


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