Top 10 Memorable Movie Wedding Dresses

Top 10 Memorable Movie Wedding Dresses // Subscribe:

These are the most memorable movie wedding dresses! For this list, we’re looking at the most iconic, gorgeous or at least unforgettable gowns to ever appear in our favorite films. We’ve included wedding dresses from movies such as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Young Victoria, Marie Antoinette, Coming to America, Katniss’ dress, The Young Victoria, Marie Antoinette, The Princess Bride, Coming to America, Sex and the City, The Sound of Music, Funny Face and Pirates of the Caribbean.

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  1. William Radford

    Opening shot from Disney's enchanted, Amy Adams as Giselle, climbing out in to Manhattan's times square, in her pretty wedding dress, spot the lovely butter fly on the sleeve.

  2. Marianne

    I know Jupiter Ascending wasn't a great movie but I loved her wedding dress (and headpiece). Plus another iconic wedding dress that should have made the list is Lydia's red dress in Beetlejuice.

  3. Dauntless Ravenclaw

    Fleur Delacour's wedding gown was simply stunning. It deserved a place on this list. 💔
    Also, show some respect for Cinna, the greatest designer in history, and put that dress higher on this list!

  4. Sally

    Did they mentioned Julia Roberts and the dress she actually got married on on Run away bride? That’s my favorite wedding dress of all times


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