Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Type and Height

When shopping for a wedding dress, the most important thing is to choose the right dress for your figure. Whether you're tall, petite, slim, voluptuous, etc, you need to know how to maximize the smaller parts of your body and minimize the larger parts. Read this guide to learn how to do just that!

When you choose a wedding dress, you need to consider comfort, style, design, and size. There are amazing dresses available in all price ranges. Every eye is going to be on you, so it's important to make yourself look amazing. These can be accomplished by wearing a gown that looks flattering on you, no matter your body type.

Here is an overview of different body types:

The hourglass – If you have an hourglass figure, you need to maintain balance with your curves. You can go for mermaid style dresses, just as long as they do not have too many details. Simple is better – too many sequins, beads, ruffles, etc, will make you look too heavy. Strapless styles and V-necklines will look great on you.

The triangle – If you're smaller on top and heavier on the bottom, you must choose a dress that enhances the top and hides the bottom. You can broaden your top half with pouf sleeves, lace overlays, beadwork, padded shoulders, etc. For the bottom, wear a full, controlled skirt. Avoid skirts with excess fullness.

Inverted triangle – If you need to make your shoulders appear smaller and provide more width to your lower half, wear simple bodices and a full skirt. Avoid full sleeves and straight skirts. You can go all out with the bottom portion of the wedding dress – accents, sashes, bows, etc. Just keep the top half as simple and bare as possible.

Take height into consideration as well. Petite women look great in full skirts with controlled lengths. A-lines and princess silhouettes can add height for average sized petites. Slimmer petites can go all out with mermaid and sheath styles. Tall brides look great in dramatic ball gowns. Fitted bodices and voluminous skirts look amazing on most tall women.

Try on different gowns and ask the shopkeeper which one looks best on you. The perfect wedding dress will be the one that requires as few custom fittings and alterations as possible.

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