These 6 wedding dresses made history (and why Meghan Markle’s dress didn’t) ǀ Justine Leconte

The Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan had made headlines throughout the world. Though I don’t think that the most original / unique bridal fashion is seen at state weddings: in this video, I explain why Meghan (and Kate, Diana or Elizabeth II before her) must abide by the rules and codes of the protocol when picking their wedding dresses. Meghan Markle is marrying into a very codified royal family and her Givenchy dress was logically inspired by previous royal brides.
In the video, I give you my personal TOP 6 list of truly original wedding dresses: it is a completely subjective ranking, of course. You can take it as a source of inspiration or simply enjoy the beautiful fashion and artistic creativity!

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  1. Roselie Kane

    Thank you for this nice and informative video. All gowns were special and beautiful in their own way. Kate looked stunning and her gown was one of my personal favorites. I liked Meghan's gown because it was definitely her style and it suited her. I felt it did respect the established "guidelines" but it was definitely her gown. Whether it will be remembered in 100 years time or not is a subject for review in the future. In the end, I think, Meghan has already made history in her own right.

  2. Olovoll

    Why do we obsess about these people who have made little to no contribution in the world, other than the scars their ancestors left by colonizing, looting and pillaging from so many other countries. I enjoy your videos but I really can’t stand anymore the swooning over “royals”. The British queen wears in her crown a stolen jewel. She is no royal, just another usurper.

  3. Alexandra Hemmer

    I completely agree with you – my favorite royal dress is definitely Kate's. Even though it followed historical guidelines, the lace and subtle cleavage made it really stand out.

  4. Theresa S.

    Meghan's dress was very plain looking not very eye catching.. The dress looked too big and a like a tablecloth not a raving dress. She looked like a plain Jane bride not beautiful like I thought she would look, but that was her choice.. The dress was overly priced and a waste of money..

  5. oekmama

    I just found out: Meghan’s dress is almost an exact replica or at least strikingly close to Princess Angela of Lichtenstein’s wedding dress.


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