The Bridesmaids dresses are revealed – Don’t Tell The Bride – BBC Three

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More about this programme: Bride Corrine is less than impressed with her Grooms choice of Bridesmaid dresses, but hey least its better than hot pants!! However Corrine trusts Chris to give her the wedding she has always dreamed of, but is her trust misplaced in big kid Chris? Will it be happy ever after or just a muddy mess?


  1. Marie Allmon

    they have it in their mind like a two-year-old child putting in blocks and it don't work they should just leave it up they think they can do it on a $10 paper note and it cost them $4,000 they think that everything to a man is cheaper than what they can spend it on well I'm sorry to leave the wedding business to a woman because they can do it better than what the man can

  2. Bernie Maguire

    Best bride and groom to date he knows her so well and she never lost faith in him she’s first bride not to lose her shit and act like a diva so lady like and classy. Makes such a change from 99 percent of the spoilt bad tempered me me me me brides you see, who’s only concern is that the wedding is all about her and nothing else. Great wedding fantastic groom who adores his wife above all else wonderful couple.


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