Sustainable wedding dresses

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What I’m wearing
– Everlane soft cotton square crew sweater:
– Eileen fisher cropped pants (similar):

Dresses mentioned
– Pure magnolia bridal topper:
– Reformation hestia dress:
– Reformation winslow dress:
– Reformation poppy dress:
– Reformation minerva dress:
– Reformation battista dress:
– Pure magnolia sylvie dress:
– Wear your love dress:
– Maude couture dress:
– Etsy vintage wedding dress:
– Etsy 1970s wedding dress:

– DJ Quads – Honey My Love:

My book
– Sustainable Home:

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  1. simply by christine

    Hey all! Be sure to check the description box for all the details from this video and more in the blog post. If you're interested in purchasing my bridal topper as well, here's the link to the post on my Instagram shop:

    Enjoy the video and please comment below with any feedback! Appreciate all your guys' support — we're getting close to 20K on the simply by christine channel (:

  2. Alicja Kaźmierkiewicz

    I bought my wedding dress years ago even though I didn't have a boyfriend then! It's 80 years old vintage dress I found in a small boutique in Rome. Can you possibly tell me what is the source of picture at 6:20? The bottom looks totally like my dress and I want to add it to my wedding folder!

  3. 1 23

    This was charming Christine. I
    am 67, but think it is a waste
    to spend a large amount on a
    wedding dress or catering or…
    for that matter. Like you said
    rent or borrow. Sure we do not
    need clutter in our lives. Besides
    you can save the money for a
    trip or whatever. Greetings from


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