Some Aspects of a Wedding Photographers Job

When you think about wedding photographers, you might just have in mind a guy with a camera walking around snapping pictures of the various guests at a wedding. However a good wedding photographer will actually perform a variety of activities in order to make sure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible, and that that he is able to get the best pictures.

The first thing a wedding photographer will do after you have hired him, is to interview the bride and groom. This will give him a very good idea of ​​the type of pictures that you want, and he will also make a list of the group photographs to take. When your photographer is interviewing you, it is a good idea to show him past pictures of yourself that you like. This will allow him to see which angles you prefer to be photographed from, and if you like posed photographs or a natural look. It is also a good idea to show the photographer any pictures that you have of yourself that you dislike. This way he knows what type of pictures not to take.

One of the main talents a wedding photographer must have is being able to organize people into groups. He must be able to admit a feeling of calm into the guests so the photographs come out well. If there are many group pictures to be taken, it is helpful that the photographer has a member of the family to advise him who should be included in the group, as the guests of the wedding will not be known to him personally.

Some wedding photographers like to work alone, while others will bring a second shooter or an assistant along with them on the big day. An assistant or second shooter are not exactly the same thing; a second shooter will take photographs and the same time as the main photographer. Because two people are taking photographs more events will be covered. A second shooter will almost certainly be included if the day be captured on film from the very start. Because brides and grooms generally do not get ready in the same location, the second shooter will take pictures of the groom while the main photographer works with the bride. An assistant generally does not take pictures, but will help the wedding photographer organize people into groups, carry the equipment and set up optimal conditions for lighting.

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