Sister is Bitter About Not Being the Maid of Honour! | Say Yes To The Dress Bridesmaids

Robbi Goodson has brought her sisters with her to choose her bridesmaids dresses, but a large entourage comes with more opinions and even more drama!
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  1. Mj Rose

    I can see Courtney’s views thou. I mean she is doing her job, being there for the bride and to keep her bridesmaids and sisters in line. The girls should be respecting the bride AND THATS NOT HAPPENING

  2. Heather Mueller

    My little sister is not my maid of honor for a few reasons. She is only 19 years old so she cannot come to my bachelorette (her fake ID is my old ID lol so it wouldn't really work if we went into bar together with the same name and birthdate). She is a freshman in college and trying to adjust to college life and taking on maid of honor duties would be too much to handle. We had talked about it multiple times before I was engaged and every time she said she understood completely why her being maid of honor wouldn't be the best thing. She's still one of my bridesmaids and on my wedding website I listed her at sister of the bride.

  3. Jay ジェイ

    Screw this. When I get engaged, I’m asking for my bridesmaids’ measurements, and I’ll get them the dress I like in the color I like and I don’t care if it’s not their style. It’s my day 😪

  4. kitty62862

    I think a bride should go by herself, pick a color, pick three styles it’s available in, then bring the bridesmaids.

    Everybody can vote.

    A, B, or C

  5. mrsfreddybdj

    My maid of honor chose the bridesmaids dress with my final approval. Too many opinions and nobody was listening to the bride. Y’all backing her up on her special day

  6. Goober Fries

    This was really cute. They were respectful of one another and spoke as one voice. Lori just had to get that sister together. She understood though. lol

  7. Holly Warehouse

    I had the opposite problem😣,
    I asked my identical twin sister to be my maid of honor and because I was the center of attention she told me NO ,I was 30 years old when I finally got married.
    I was heartbroken but called my half sister, who I hadn’t seen in 10 years and she agreed and felt honored that I thought of her.
    Wedding drama can be so extreme💝 God Bless this woman getting married! I feel for her!

  8. A M

    Am I the only one who didn't think the bridesmaids were that bad? Everyone has opinion, especially if they're paying.

    But the consultants had a shocking attitude.


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