1. Raquel Orpiada

    I love the Carolina Herrera one. And the Oscar de la Renta. The Vivienne Westwood is a princess choice. Wish i could buy it for my wedding dress. Sex and the city. Thank you for helping me with wedding dress options

  2. masoud kh

    every body is saying she is beautiful but she is not beautiful at all. she has expensive closet and she thinks she is beautiful, witch is really annoying. she is overconfident horse face, ugly wannabe but I have to admit she is really really nice person. I can't argue that.!!

  3. nichegoseberazdvatri

    Am I seriously the only one who hates all these dresses? Why does that look good to people and why is that so admired? I mean all I see is just bunched up wedding table cloths with fluffed up extra pillow cases that have absolutely no lines, lack creativity and make her look like an albino peacock. The only decent one here is the Oscar de la Renta.


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