Princess Eugenie wedding dress: Prince Andrew REVEALS huge teaser about wedding dress

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 Princess Eugenie will marry fiancé Jack Brooksbank in Windsor under the watchful eyes of 850 guests, including mother Sarah Ferguson and Queen Elizabeth. Father-of-the-bride Prince Andrew revealed he had to make accommodations to ensure he can walk Princess Eugenie down the aisle because of a specific aspect of her wedding dress. Speaking to This Morning ahead of the ceremony, Prince Andrew said: “I don’t think many people know anything about this dress. “All I know is, as you would expect, there is a train. I believe the train is quite wide, I’ve got to walk on the left of the carpet to make sure she can walk in the middle of the carpet.” Eugenie hinted that her gown will be open-backed and would not hide her childhood scars. The Royal got the scars during a spinal operation surgery when she was 12. The Queen’s granddaughter also invited the NHS surgeons who operated on her to the ceremony at Windsor. She said: “You can show people your scars and it’s really special.” Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter was diagnosed with scoliosis and had to have steel rods inserted into her back in 2002 during a corrective surgery. Eugenie’s surgeon Jan Lehovsky and the other RNOH staff have been invited to be part of the 800 guests that will watch her marry Jack Brooksbank. While the scars are expected to be faint under her dress’s train, she also invited another scoliosis sufferer to join her at the wedding. Julia Carlisle is from the dance group MerseyGirls and Eugenie invited her after she saw her perform on Britain’s Got Talent. The entirety of the wedding will be screened on ITV.


  1. AS 560

    I am 12 years old I have scoliosis too. I was meant to go through corrective surgery but the doctors said there are still 2 per chance to improve without surgery and yes that 2 per worked 😃


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