1. JJ sassey

    This is a no Brainer Eugenie,s wedding was far more beautiful and stunning and you know why because they looked at each other with real love on their faces. When you marry an actress that is just what you get an ACT. Eugenie,s dress fit perfect the fabric was quality rich fit for a princess and it did NOT look like it was made out of white polyester with a thin line of foam on the back to keep its shape..

  2. Paula Johnson

    Eugenie's gorgeous evening dress is definitely the winner. Very elegant and she wore it perfectly. Her wedding dress and spectacular tiara with no veil looked fabulous as well. I haven't seen the scar on her back. If it hadn't been mentioned, I wouldn't have known it was there.

    Like most of Meghan's clothes, her second dress didn't fit properly and her bare shoulders are not attractive. She was obviously trying to copy coarse Michelle Obama's official White House portrait with that one.

    Meghan tries too hard to be Thoroughly Modern Millie instead of wearing chic, figure-flattering clothes that are appropriate for her senior Royal position. She needs a designer who can dress her body type for the camera. Givenchy isn't it. His minimalist style is for bony, class acts like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy.

    Hate to say it, but Meghan has no class whatsoever. She can't even walk properly in high heels.

  3. High Five

    Both ladies looked beautiful on their respective wedding days.

    I prefer Meghan's evening dress, it's a stunner!! Elegant yet sexy! There's really no contest!

  4. Robin Addis-Vaughn

    There's no comparison. Harry and Meghan's were pictures of a fun couple, all the family was close together in the group shot, same with kids, black & white was a sweet adorable picture of them looking lovingly at each other but at the same time relaxed.
    Eugenie & Jack's are more traditional pictures for the royal family. Except Kate and William's pictures were traditional but still looked happy, not stiff. Eugenie and Jack are the only ones who look happy. I understand why Fergie isn't closer to Eugenie but couldn't Beatrice stand beside her? It's like a gap in the pictures.
    The kids looked bored and scattered, the couple not engaged with them at all.
    The black and white kiss is very sweet. Best shot of the released pictures.
    Each afterparty dress suited each bride. I prefer Meghan's but hers was taken in a warmer time. Harry & Meghan's looks like they are going to a fun party. I think Euginie looks gorgeous and sexy. Again, more formal, a bit stiffer, more traditional. They could be going to any formal occasion.

  5. Shamanu Noole

    They don't compare at all Princess Eugenie, gown screamed elegance, her tiara splendid
    yet her veil is her scoliosis scar & it was very beautiful, the stolen kiss in the carriage very romantic, Jack very attentive to Princess & she to him actually the whole wedding was a romantic pleasure to watch. Congratulations



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