1. NikNoah

    Also why everyone get all upset about ya sexy factor who tf cares and who decided on THE BRIDES day it was supposed to be covered up like you’re supposed to look gorgeous and what you what

  2. NikNoah

    I try to like her dresses so much because everyone loves her but I can’t get into her dresses I feel like she’s over rated don’t get me wrong gorgeous dresses but i just don’t see the big fuss they look like many out there and are far too expensive I will say I did like 1 or 2 of these

  3. sasha rigby

    These dresses are beautiful if you take the context of wedding out of the picture…. these can easily be pulled off on a red carpet or at an award or as haute cauture but not as wedding dresses unless ofcourse you prefer risque outfits

  4. eniretak33 Pal

    0.29 0.44 1.01 1.14 3.05++ 5.23 5.57 6.15 6.35 7.14 7.30
    Elles sont très très belles, sauf qu'il faudrait quand même enlever un peu de brillant, les noeuds ou autres trucs superflus. Mais les conceptions sont vraiment très belles. Merci.

  5. kimlove_asser Edwards

    Some people like to show their body off…. And are comfortable with what they wear… If it's not for you it's not for you I love the collection and I would wear it to church and on the beach my opinion..

  6. Peps Haven

    I really don't like this collection. I would certainly never purchase a dress from her collection because frankly, I would like to exude dignity on my wedding day and these just don't lend themselves to that.

  7. Audriana Michelin

    Pnina isn't for everyone she's stated time and time again that her dresses are for the sexy bride… If that's not you shut up. The youngest generation of brides don't have hang up on body goals and nudity so showing skin isn't a problem. I loved majority (not all) of her gowns from 2009

  8. Karina Rivera

    Lol @ 8:04 model looks at girl staring at her phone like "bitch get off the phone at stare at my greatness " then saunters off like "that's right bitch I'm better than you" *nose in the air🤣


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