Mum Hates the Ostrich Feather Dress! | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Shanna Loren and her mother disagree about fashion, but will they be able to put their difference in opinion aside for the sake of the bridal appointment?
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  1. Julie Robinson

    Just because you have a negative opinion on a dress, doesn’t make you evil. Why did she even bring her mom if she didn’t want her opinion? The dad would have loved her if she came out with a g-string or a burlap sack!

  2. not cool

    The dad definitely falls into the rare "sensitive voice of reason" category. I think the way that he interacts with both of them is sweet. You can tell he's always been the mediator between the two.

  3. Nyssa Ceja

    I wasn't a fan of the first dress either. Standing out is well and all but remember that it's a wedding. You don't want to go into it looking sloppy especially not in front of your husband to be.


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