Meghan Markle Reveals Secret Memento She Had Hidden In Her Wedding Dress / Latest Royal News

Meghan Markle Reveals Secret Memento She Had Hidden In Her Wedding Dress Latest Royal News
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  1. nn n

    why cant the royals allow these victims from the grenfell tower to come in to the palace and eat there, food prepared by the queens chefs? These people have lost everything, isnt there any space in all the palaces the queen has for these people?

  2. kristine k

    Secret? What about her shady past she is hiding from the public? All information have been taken down and whitewashed to make her look like mother Theresa. Disgusting woman. Using, dumping people and hurting them without any remorse. Nothing about her is genuine. All just for a show and more lies fed to the public. Loose lewd woman with no morals. Please stop spouting humanitarian speeches to lecture the UK public! You are not suitable to represent UK as ambassador. The dimwit should step down and go live as private citizens. Once the Queen passes, this country should consider getting rid of the establishment. The two hypocrites have done nothing to help British with so many veterans living on the streets and not enough funds for the health system. Recycle your plain boring wedding dress for your next wedding! #Megxit

  3. Estela Fowler

    Ohhhhh !! She is so romantic !! Please display the dress !! I want to see what dress Prince Harry fell in love with !! Prince Harry said, " She was the one, the first time he saw her."" Please show the dress!! That will be part of history , because a piece of that dress is in her wedding gown.

  4. lindalovesmusic1

    I love it. Such a cute video. The pictures are adorable and hiding blue fabric in her gown. She's just a part of me. I want to meet her so bad. I would love to give her a hug and tell her congratulations.

  5. Silver Mont

    Californian girl of course she is tanned too .. I’m sure she knows how to take care of her skin 😘Meghan you are the greatest after D. Great addition to the royal clan ❀️

  6. elaine smith

    Meghan is such a lovely, beautiful, thoughtful, compassionate, and highly INTELLIGENT lady! I see why Harry fell in love with and married her, and, btw, Meghan chose well, too. Whenever I see them together, I smile!


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