Love Nikki Time Limited Yanila Pirate/Old Wedding Dresses!

Enjoy:) October 11th,2018

I really love the Yanila pirate a lot:) The colors are really nice!

You can get the old wedding dresses just that there are no free tries. The only free tries you can use for the old wedding dresses is the one for the new wedding dresses that are available. After that there will be 100% no free tries unless the Chinese server makes new wedding dresses that this.

The JPN Halloween event that will happen is super pretty! I suggest saving your stamina just in case we do get the event. I pray our server gets the event next or for Halloween!

Recorded October 11th,2018


  1. kitkatjacking

    The New JP event is packing and requires stamina and diamonds. Packing is like the Masquerade Event. To complete the event costs 4.2K diamonds.

    The items are tiered and you get the blue outfit first and the one with the rip bride dress last.


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