I washed my wedding dress in the washing machine!

Here’s the before and after of how I used my bathtub, washing machine, and OxiClean to clean 6-year-old stains on my polyester wedding dress from David’s Bridal. This is my own experience, not promoted by any brand. It worked for me, but take the risks into account before trying this yourself!

After soaking in the tub, all the stains on the bodice were gone. But the hem was still stained. After running it through the washing machine on the delicate setting, the hem looked WAY better! Some of the beading on the bodice was loosened up, but it’s barely noticeable. I watched another video where a gal put her dress in a duvet bag and washed it in that. I think that would have protected the beading and appliques on the bodice better.

But overall, I’m super impressed with how this turned out! Not only did I save quite a bit of money, but I eased my conscience about letting my poor dress sit in the closet for 6 years with stains.


  1. Chrisanne Nahum

    THANK YOU for posting this! I bought my dress second hand and it needed cleaning but I couldn't afford the roughly $150 dry cleaning charge. Yesterday I did just what you suggested here, and my dress is BEAUTIFUL! My dress was also from David's Bridal and made of Polyester and Nylon. Thanks so much!!

  2. Virginia Martin

    It might help to put the dress into a large net garment bag before putting it in the machine to prevent tears in the fabric from getting entangled in the washing machine. Are you Bill Weiner's daughter?

  3. LEO LEO

    I think the red dirt stain on the bottom is iron. Try using some iron remover like wink. just dip the bottom into water with wink added to it. Might work.


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