Heather’s Closet – The Wedding Dress!

We’re talking WEDDINGS!! I’m giving you tips, tricks and even doing a walk down memory lane. I’ll show you my wedding album and even throw on my wedding dress! Yikes! I’m also revealing our first giveaway piece from my closet! You wont want to miss it!

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  1. SarahSmile1971

    Your closet and dressing room are larger than my house…can I move in?? No worries I won’t wear your clothes or shoes…I’m fluffy…and I wear size 10 shoe and I carry a wristlet so I wouldn’t bogart any of your bags…set me up in a corner out of the way, it’ll be fine

  2. judy lapointe

    American insanity- all that wealth was created through plastic surgery- aka promoting self hate so a plastic surgeon can get wealthy until eventual economic collapse. When all your wealthy is gone in a global economic collapse, how will you survive?

  3. Marci Jewell

    I know this is an older video, but I have been a fan of yours since your TV show and an even bigger fan from day one on HWOC. I wore a big princess dress too for my wedding. I loved taking pictures in it the way you were sitting in this video.


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