Gypsy Sisters: Getting Nuckie Gorgeous

Nettie thinks Nuckie let herself go when she ran off with Pookie. Now that she’s home, it’s time to get waxed, manicured and prettified.

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  1. Souks onlyjust

    Lil beauty run away from your crazy mother and build yourself a healthy life before she marries you off young to a man that’ll control you for the rest of your life! RUN SISTER RUN!!!!! I came from a very strict Muslim background and we weren’t allowed to do anything however I was lucky they let me stay in school and all the girls I met in school and college really saved me from my ignorance and stupidity – that bubble our parents locked us in and left us there. You know what I’m talking about, when all the kids around you know so many things you never heard of… THAT ONE! You can be just as happy and free as them I promise you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. valeska Aguilera

    I'm sorry but I find is people so trashy and like there is a lot of good gypsies out there who are classy these people just sound like you're healed Billy. Just marry their cousins

  3. Jessica C

    Martinsburg is nothin but white trash it’s literally considered “little Baltimore” in reference to Baltimore Maryland. It’s nothing but crime, prostitution, and drugs. This family is beyond lower than white trash and the way they talk is disgusting. An old ass woman bragging about scratching someone’s eyes out with her fake nails?? Lmfao the definition of low class and trashy. And I know for a fact she don’t talk like that unless she on camera, she goes around with her head ducked down not talking to nobody 😂😂😂 because she knows all the bullshit she talks is gonna come back to her in that shitty little town!!!

  4. Zong Yang

    Non gypsy are "bad influence"… So allowing your daughter to fight and running away with a guy AND allowing her to drop out of school is a "good influence"? Maybe if she hung around some one with a good and wider viewpoint, she wouldn't be in that situation.

  5. Lynda Jaeger

    Oh my goodness I lived in Martinsburg…how did i never meet any of these people…lol. I wven worked at the only mall in town. You'd think i would have run into some gypsies. I feel sheltered.


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