Entourage Shocked by Dress the Bride Tries On! | Say Yes To The Dress UK

Elivia Frixou is very clear about not wanting a cliché wedding dress, so her entourage are perplexed when she comes out with a traditional wedding ball gown.

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  1. Key R

    She would've looked nice in a corset a-line gown or something cinched at the waist that lightly billows out. They kept choosing dresses that had a lot of bulk up top which had the opposite effect she wanted. I think think drop sleeves (or sheer cap sleeves, modified sweetheart, corseted waist (with support), mid back, and a fuller skirt with lots of beading or sparkle below wouldve looked fantastic (maybe in ivory?)! I think she just confused herself. She needs more balance.

  2. Ivy Medcalf

    The American version of "Say Yes To The Yes" has this show beat 10x over. They are not good stylists at all. That's why she didn't look go in any of the dresses. He has no idea how to fit a bride….awful!

  3. Sylvia Tempest - Jones

    These brides need proper advice from someone who really knows what they are talking about, and they need to listen to it. These people are happy to sell the bride anything they think they like. I certainly wouldn’t go to that shop.

  4. honeyyeyes

    The comments are brutal down about the dress being unflattering. You have to remember that sample sizes are not your size, it's most likely a size or 2 smaller and her ordered dress will fit properly. As a fellow bride I would be so hurt reading all those comments. If the bride reads the comments below you'll make her feel terrible about the dress. She was glowing and happy and thats all that matters! She has a gorgeous body too

  5. flordeamapolita

    Agreeing with all of the other commentors. For 6000£, they could have found a more flattering dress. Didn't think the dress did anything for her and sort of looked like lingerie.

  6. geminilicious

    She has inverted triangle shape, this fitted silhouette doesn't suit her at all!

    It made her butt look flat & her boobs even bigger!

    What David was thinking for pulling that dress out?!!!

    Honestly the first dress was the perfect fit for her!

    But anyway, as long as she was happy.

  7. TheLuxuryOfLife

    That dress is always on the show. Dando landon. Can they find something else? It's just like them people in Kleinfeld, PNINA TORNAYY ALL THE DAMN TIME. URGHHHH SO BORINGGGGG

  8. Alven H. Asdal

    Everytime Gemma and David take care their clients, they aim for client satisfaction not theirs. MOSTLY when the agents hear the budget. They showed most expensive gowns directly but these two. Respect.

  9. tahia banu

    Someone with a $6000 budget get a $1500 dress.. whereas someone with limited budget get over priced dress and with alterations the price can go higher!


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