Entourage Says Young Bride Looks Like a Cougar | Say Yes To The Dress UK

Lauren Williamson brought five opinionated friends to help her find the ideal wedding dress for her, however will the unfiltered truth be too much for this young bride to handle?
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  1. Susan

    I just LOVE how the blonde friend said (and I quote) "If she picks the wrong dress, WE'LL have to deal with it"…WTF?!?! word to the bride…your entourage is TRASH, not real friends, THROW THEM OUT! No real friend would be like they were. Naww, they're just there for the camera-time & free food on your wedding day!

  2. Smileyrie James

    Dear people… if you’re so “honest” that your friends are scared of your opinion on a dress & you can totally deflate an absolutely stunning girl, you’re not honest – you’re nasty!

  3. Smileyrie James

    What is with the anti-bling bitch squad? To see an absolutely gorgeous, sweet girl with a stunning figure worried about what her friends will say is a mega indication her friends don’t have a clue! The dress she chose looked so boring with just a satin belt. Even if they’d gone with a single row of sparkle, it needed something extra.

  4. CerddWen

    I think her friends are jealous! All of the dresses suited her and were lovely! Her figure is amazing and I would have thought she would look good in everything!

  5. Katherine Rozhek

    the bride was trying so hard to please her friends.. she would be so excited to have a dress on but so scared to go out and show them. What a shame on the friends, she should feel excited coming out of the dressing room!!

  6. aussiechickusa

    They made her feel like shit. Honest yes brutal. Its her wedding. She is stunning and would great in anything. She shouldnt feel scarwd to show her friends. I think they r jealous

  7. Niki G

    Need better friends…its your big day the only opinion that matters is you and your future husband, they get a say… But last choice should of been yours, stick with the belt and speak up more.


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