Bride Wants a Dress That Will Fit Over Her Breasts | Say Yes To The Dress UK

Georgina Davies is happy to try on any style of dress, the only thing she doesn’t want is a wedding dress with a revealing décolletage.
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  1. Diana Chapa

    She’s so sweet being considerate of how the family feels I would’ve been like fuck y’all Lmfaoo it’s my wedding day and my husband will live with me for the rest of our lives 😂🤷🏻‍♀️💅🏻

  2. Nandini Shah

    How did they suddenly like the dress after adding the veil? If changes nothing? Regardless, the bride looked gorgeous, although I preferred the second one surprisingly, as I don't like those kinds of dresses.

  3. Chammy Blink

    The dress #2 is good for big breast.. The top intricate design will get the attention solely from her breast.. Anyway, d#3 is not the dress shes been describing in the first place..


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