Bride Falls in Love With the Dress But Hates The Illusion Neckline! | Say Yes To The Dress UK

Kirra Meredith is looking for a fitted dress without any illusion mesh, but much to her horror she falls in love with a dress that has an illusion neckline. What will she do?
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  1. Hilary C

    The sales associate was irritating by being oh so surprised and shocked when someone didn't like a dress. That's a bit demeaning to people; everyone has their tastes. Just say okay, and on to the next dress without the faux drama.

  2. right spyder

    love the consultant, she is not annoying and doesn't waste time in making small chit-chats
    also would love to see how that custom dress she chose in the end looks like

  3. Cameron Walsh

    I really don’t like illusion necklines when the mesh is obvious, but they are gorgeous when it’s a seamless blend into your actual skin. Illusion backs are almost always gorgeous to me though

  4. NdiNaija

    Why do they keep zooming in to the bride's sister's lips? Anyway, the bride looks GORGEOUS in the first dress. I'm glad she got it, and it was in budget!!! Claps all the way SYTTD UK.

  5. Glo Lo-Ag

    great choice!! you look beautiful!!! . I know not everyone likes David but I actually like to watch him, I missed him, I understand the budget topic though.

  6. Laura Watt

    So either the bride is a big moaner and will pay through the nose for silk mesh for her 'comfort' for one day or she was using it as an excuse cause she wanted to get away from the dress. If it's to do with comfort I'm sorry but will she wear heels at her wedding? cause they are pretty uncomfortable. Thongs are too…just saying.


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