Bride Can’t Move Her Arms in Her Wedding Dress! | Say Yes To The Dress

Zabrina has ordered a customised wedding dress, but on her return to Kleinfeld she finds the dress’ sleeves to be too constricting. Will Vera be able to remedy the situation?
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  1. TiBun

    The mother isn't the rude one. The seamstress is the rude one. It's her job to make sure the dress fits properly for the wedding. The bride wasn't happy with how the sleeves fit and wanted it modified. The seamstress should have just said "ok" right away and started going over possible fixes rather than fight the idea of modifying the dress. if she did her job properly, then the mother wouldn't have had to push the issue.

  2. White Dove

    Ok the seamstress is just ridiculous. Telling the bride that she can’t alter the dress because she’s going to destry the “design”. It’s like telling her that “no honey, you can’t do this”. Let me at this old witch. Tf. I will definitely choke her with the dress.

  3. dduk8926

    some of you guys arent tailors so you wouldn't understand.
    I get why the seamstress said what she had to say. to give the girl more arm room the design that she specifically asked for would be ruined. if they took up the dress and moved the bodice up and give her more freedom for her arms it would ruin the shape of the dress. if they cut the sides of the dress to give her more flexibility then the side of the whole dress is not gonna look the same.
    i understand that the mother was prob frantic but damn she didn't have to be rude of the lady. thats what she ordered.

  4. Doctor Disney

    Alright guys, as someone who sews, designs and makes dresses, cap sleeves are an absolute BITCH. They can't be made out a knit because of the structure. And all that beading wouldnt work on a knit either. Unless you say, "I'm going to be dancing and need full rotation of my arms" then no one knows to put the parts in to nake the sleeve elastic. Cap sleeved aren't designed to move a lot, and even though they are classy and very pretty, they weren't designed for lots of dancing. If you're not dancing a lot, you can totally get away with cap sleeves your arms are down holding your bouquet and you're throwing it, but you dont need a full rotation to do that. If you're dancing a lot, tell the designer and they can give you that little extra wiggle room


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