1. Arta R

    What is the purpose of this video??? Why do you always shame Albanians. This is just stupid & using ppls pics that you didn’t get permission for ….???

  2. Bleona Celaj

    broh seriously in every single dress you had to say “i don’t like” even though there were some good ones and i am not try to be rude or something cause i actually really like your videos but in every dress that was passing i was getting déja vu from you which i found funny😂😂 but still keep on👌🏻👍🏻

  3. Ilovealbania Xoxo

    I find it soo sad how by your videos you make the Albanian culture seem soo bad and how you talk about Albanian parents being so strict and horrible ! That’s not true at all ! I know my parents are strict but they are amazing and do whatever they can to make my life perfect and they always complete my wishes and I am grateful . Be more great full of your culture !,!

  4. Peter 1234

    Why am I watching this video at 1:45 when I should be sleeping?

    Why am I watching a video about a dasem that is tiring 9/10 times

    Also why am I commenting this useless comment

    Okay nice video time to sleep!

  5. Fjolla P

    I just dont understand why you have so much hate for your ORIGINS.. I watched all your videos about albanians but they are not all the same, albanians are not all like your parents.. You seems to hate to be albanian and you put so much hate for this country. Anyway, bye

  6. Beauty And the Beast

    You look like my aunt in this video, not sure if it’s the hairstyle/ makeup or the top? But you look way older than you are, no hate, cus in your older videos you dressed and looked way better!

  7. Viosa Arifi

    Do you know what a wedding dress is ? Not all of these were wedding dresses … the “ cropped wedding dress” isn’t a wedding dress. And please don’t pretend that you had no idea Albanians shoot guns at wedding 🤦🏻‍♀️ they use fake bullets either way. Talking about gun violence smdh


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