Athletes visit Kleinfeld in Hopes of Finding Their ideal Wedding Dress | Say Yes To The Dress

Watch the best moments of these athlete brides as they search for the wedding dress of their dreams.
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  1. Linda Hendrex

    That one guy who stood by his woman during her darkest days is an absolute gem. That is love & she will be beautiful in his eyes, no matter what dress she chooses! I hope she doesn't overextend her budget for a dress that is too expensive, because in this case, she clearly doesn't need anything extravagant. Their love is all the treasure that they will ever need.

  2. megalopolis2015

    I don't know enough about the second gal, but the other two are major inspirations, and their fiance's were right there with them, showing their love, sense of teamwork and loyalty. Now I want to see the full episode(s).

  3. Rara Avis

    Would have been nice if this episode had actually included a girl with an athletic (as in visible muscles) figure in a flattering dress. Instead we get one bigger girl, one who looks more like a model than an athlete…and the last one isn’t even included. I mean, very nice people, all of them, but the title is a tad bit misleading.

  4. Eos+

    The cheerleader girl wedding dress… I'm sorry but that kinda looked ugly. What year was this? 2002? I'm genuinely asking because that style… Hmmmm….

    Edit: the dress I mean.. I'm not saying her OK… The dress


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