Alternative Model With 1.7M Followers Wants a Traditional Wedding Gown! | Say Yes To The Dress UK

Cervena Fox is an alternative model who is known for her edgy style, However much to everyone’s surprise she wants to wear a traditional wedding gown on her big day.
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  1. Cervena Fox

    Absolutely love this episode 😄 thank you for having me, my family and friends on your show!!!! ❤️ hope everyone else enjoyed it too!!!!!!
    Don’t forget to check out my Las Vegas episode! 😉

  2. Elizabeth Ushkova

    Why would you re-upload the video and clickbate it? She don't have 1.7m followers, in any social media, not even combined. Her wedding was almost a year ago, and she was wearing another dress!

  3. Tina

    I just really wish people wouldn’t pierce their nasal septums. It looks gross. That’s what ranchers do to control bulls – pull a thick ring through their nasal septums.
    Oh well. Doesn’t matter what I like, anyway.

  4. Garden Plots

    The netting and appliques of the bodice were clashing with her tattooes and made for a very busy mish-mash of a look. The style of the first dress was the best of the three dresses and she had the biggest smile with that one. She should have stood her ground instead of listening to everyone else.


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