$8000 Wedding Dress Budget – The Perfect Dress

Danielle wants to splurge for the perfect dress.

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  1. Jennifer Ramos

    What a horrible mother, naming your favorite child on tv. And the bride seems to take after her, bringing up her sisters difficult divorce on tv to make herself seem like such a wonderful sister. Ugh. And yeah, it's tv, I don't know how they really are…but all I have to judge is what's on TV. And I don't like it.

  2. Surly Gale

    How RUDE of that woman to declare one daughter is her favourite over another. I ache for both daughters (i'm the daughter that wasn't the favourite; my sister says there was a lot of pressure in another direction, being the favourite)….and I'm beyond angry with that woman – Shame On Her

  3. Lisa Mendes Muffin Shawn

    With 8 grand I can go on vacation plus this dress isn't wow i would wear it on prom or a if i am invited to a wedding I don't see what's so nice about it too plain… and the bow common with 8 grand you can buy a WOW DRESS way better than this honestly none of the dresses were wow in this vid no hate just saying my opinion and also the mother shouldn't have said she was her fave that's no.1 no.2 is that how can you talk about ur sisters divorce while you're shopping for you own wedding common Jesus 😐


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