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  1. Jenna Howell

    You also buying counterfeit dresses. They have stolen designs and photos from us hard working bridal designers and selling it as cheap garbage and they are being made in sweatshop. Supports human trafficking all sorts of good stuff. Glad everyone feels so good on their wedding day in their cheap ass dresses knowing what they are supporting.

  2. Betsy Collins

    My daughter's wedding dress (for 50 bucks) was just ordered moments ago. I am writing a bridal budget book and I told them that. I cannot wait to see what that gets us-our expectations are low, but our hopes are high! LOL

  3. Rose Stewart

    I think it's really nice for what you paid for it. It needs a little altering but all dresses do, no matter how much you spend.

    But the bottom of the skirt is done nicely. If you just hemmed it, it wouldn't be the same. You have to cut the scalloped edge off and reapply it.

    But I think every formal dress needs a crinoline if it isn't sewn in. And in the pictures you see they are probably wearing one.

  4. geraldine becher

    Very beautiful dress. I like the scallops on the bottom I like the tie for the waist. Only I wish they would have made the time somehow incorporate it into the dress she wouldn't have that long ribbon hanging. It was well worth the money, you can't just can't buy the lights for that price. Congratulations and thanks for showing us her dress.

  5. Rabbie Mair

    In case no one has said, that strap inside the dress that has like a bra strap closure in the back is called a waist stay. It helps a strapless dress stay up.


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