3 Foot Bride Gets Emotional After Finding the Dress of Her Dreams! | Say Yes To The Dress

David Emanuel has especially ordered a selection of small wedding dresses for Danielle, a bride who suffers from Pseudoachondroplasia.
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  1. Norm Rayos

    $300 pound over budget and what does her family say without pause?

    “It could have cost ten thousand pound, as long as she’s happy we’ll find the money.”

    Thank you! I hate when families put their food down over an extra hundred and this was more, but for how happy & beautiful she looked that’s cheap!

    What great people all around.

  2. Cheffy Prad

    She's such a sweet personality and glad that she got her dream dress ,congos and all the best wishes for all you future endeavours!!!
    To both Randy and Danielle!!!😊😊😊


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