1. Jay Pritchett

    2:25 "You wouldn't hurt a fly and you deffenetly wouldn't hurt me. I'm your sister."
    "That was yesterday. Today you're just some bitch who broke my heart and cut up my mother's wedding dress."
    Tess TOTALLY dissevered that!!!

  2. Julia Eisenberg

    If my sister had cut up my mother's wedding dress I would have freaked out too. Tess is nothing but a stupid bitch who does not care about anyone but herself and lies to everyone who cares about her, especially George.

  3. The Real Deal Horses

    I would have done the exact same thing that Jane did in this scene but earlier. Tess knew that Jane wanted to wear their mother’s wedding dress for her wedding day, it was no secret but Tess did not care and did it anyway. Go Jane!!!


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