2019 Pnina Tornai Runway Show

Wedding dress Pnina Tornai debuts her Kleinfeld exclusive collection at Bridal Fashion Week. These dresses are available now at Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City


  1. schrap72

    I have got to say that the gowns are a lot less raunchy than they usually are. Some of the bodices are sheer but not in such a way that some would shy away from wearing for a church wedding. 4:12 was practically Victorian. She's gone from one extreme to another. The gowns are very pretty but are missing some the excitement she usually has. Maybe she will find the balance between the two. I do love the gowns, though. They're very pretty.

  2. Eddie Novak

    Beautiful but not every woman is a size 4! Show different sizes of women and COLORS Diversity is the key to life!!! All the different dresses but everyone pretty much the same size. Not one has a handicap. Not one has a blemish . etc……..

  3. Miseria.Silence

    omg these were all just plain awful except maybe the pantsuit at the beginning. It looked so cheap and thrown together. Cheap looking lurex type fabric. that 80's gown and the puffball just no! And why so much white? No ivory,champagne,blush,black,pale blue? No new shapes?

  4. bellabana

    Only 2 nice dresses out of the whole collection as they looked more like costumes rather than wedding dresses. The fabrics were too shiny & looked cheap, more like what Las Vegas showgirls would wear on stage! Plus the styles were so predictable, strapless & a corset tie at the back have been done to death!

  5. jaybar redspoon

    That huge one almost to the end looked like a dress a person in the 1800's would wear with a hoop under it. The other dress looked like she could not make up her mind to have a full skirt on the bottom or half like she had. She should have left it off the dress would have looked much nicer. But the prices of her dresses one had better come in with a huge chunk of money to get one. Randy's dresses are much nicer.

  6. rezotydnic

    Not many dresses were likeable in collection. Some were too retro or over the top. And what's with models looking soo plain? No hair style at all and makeup too. Too blahhh

  7. spoly 813

    Too over the top. You won't even notice the bride….just stare at all that blingy material. Simplicity and elegance is always best. Nothing beats Grace Kelly's dress from the 1950's which would still look classy, elegant and timeless today. Pnina's dresses always look like something from a Vegas showgirl act and nothing bridal.

  8. Jenny Jones

    Did she lower her price point? Unacceptable. 1:36 is the first dress I could describe as beautiful. Often, I love almost all of it. Not this show. Even the models were lacking. The fits were often unattractive… what happened?!?!


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